Quick Element.io vocabulary primer: A Space collects Rooms. The Stimpunks Space currently has 20 Rooms.

  • General
  • Watercooler
  • Design
  • Systems
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Gardening
  • Coping
  • Foundation
  • Josephmooon
  • Caring with Cayden
  • Irie Smial Preserve
  • Business Papers
  • Directors
  • PunkFlowers
  • Art
  • Conference to Restore Humanity
  • Events
  • Business & Philanthropy

The main room, “General”, is for everyone in the Stimpunks Space, no matter what project[s] you’re working on.

Use “General” room to share news about your team. Use this room for mission related chat that you’d like every Stimpunk to see.

Use the “Watercooler” room for random and off topic chat. Share memes and have fun. Watercooler channels are fixtures of distributed work.

The #watercooler channel allows for serendipitous interactions, so “striking up a conversation” never has to be forced or disruptive.

Building Remote Office Culture with a Watercooler Channel

The “Design” room is where we collaborate on design across all Stimpunks projects. All are welcome to join and learn.

The “Systems” room is where we talk IT and offer IT support. Got an IT problem? Drop in the Systems room and we’ll help. Want to learn how all of this technology works together? Hang out in the room as we work.

The “Writing” room is for talk about writing in any modality.

The “Gardening” room is for gardening.

In the “Coping” room, discuss mental health, physical health, coping, continuous fluid adaption, and living life as bodyminds. Everything said here stays here. Use content warnings. Respect triggers.

The “Josephmooon” room hosts the Josephmooon team and all Stimpunks who want to join.

The “Caring With Cayden” room hosts the Caring with Cayden team and all Stimpunks who want to join.

The “Irie Smial Preserve” room hosts the Irie Smial Preserve team and all Stimpunks who want to join.

Every room and chat is end-to-end encrypted.

In choosing end-to-end-encryption, we lose some amenities you’ll be used to on other messaging platforms, like preview of links.

When you first join a Room, existing messages will be encrypted and not visible to you. New messages will decrypt and display as they come in.

Log in to Stimpunks Space at stimpunks.element.io if you have an stimpunks.ems.host username and app.element.io if you have a matrix.org username.

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