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Neurodiversity rocks! We make rock ‘n’ roll and inclusive education.
Lately I’ve been feeling out of tune out of tune
I don’t know why but I would like to know why
And I want to get back in tune
Out of tune that’s what I am

Being out of tune pains my head
(can’t get out of bed)
Hurts from being out of tune and
I just so want to get back in tune
Out of tune that’s what I am out of tune

Irie Smial Preserve

Create more anti-ableist spaces.
Peer Respite, Human-centered Learning, Nature, and Disc Golf
We exist to create anti-ableist space.

The Irie Smial Preserve is by Crips and Neurodivergents, for Crips and Neurodivergents. The Preserve is a Cavendish bubble of peer respite and collaborative niche construction where we can find relief from an intense world designed against us. Here, we are insulated from ableism and free to pursue passion-based, human-centered learning compatible with neurodiversity and the social model of disability.